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World Trade News Summary - During this week several significant events transpired particularly in the industrial world.

Empathy Sets Humans Apart from Animals - What makes humans different from that of the animal kingdom? Many who have ever been to a sports bar might say; Well not much.

PreCreation Why Are We Still In The Dark - Where did That term (Pre-Creation)come from?.

International Banks Aim to Combat Corruption - On February 18, heads of top international financial firms that give financial advice, grants and loans to developing countries have joined hands to battle with corruption.

Goal Setting Anxiety Panic Disorder - Are you a smart person?.

Listening to the Whispers Within - Beginning in our younger years, and reinforced time and time again, we have been encouraged to reach for the stars and to follow our dreams, yet so few of us actually voyage through such a beautiful, satisfying, and difficult journey to its end.

Tips For First Dates - The infamous first date is the deal ?breaker or ?maker in relationships.

Womens Guide Simplifying Your Life - The role of women in society has evolved.

I Do Not Do Assumeees - Are you an assume-ee? What in the world is an assume-ee you ask? Well it is someone who has limited knowledge, experience and observation who goes around commenting on and making assumptions of every aspect of life and society, irregardless of ind.

How To Make A Better First Impression - In Anatomy of Love, Helen Fisher observed that people who meet and are attracted toward each other tend to mirror each other.

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