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PreCreation Why Are We Still In The Dark

Where did That term (Pre-Creation)come from?.Actually, it has been taught for thousands of years. Every major Religion that I know of has either taught it specifically or referred to it in its writings. In addition to the teachings of spiritual leaders we find the same theme in the writings of many Financial, Political, and Business leaders of various periods, including today's well known Entrepreneurs. I'll tell you where it caught My attention later in this article.People like Wallace Wattles, Napoleon Hill, Benjamin Disraeli, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Andrew Carnegie, Paul J.

Meyer, Mark Twain, Dr. Robert Anthony, and so many others have tried to explain this concept to us. They have put it in their writings, on their Tapes and CDs, in their Presentations, and with their One-on-One coaching sessions.

They KNOW it works because "They" are examples of its effectiveness. We see the "results" of this concept in them but. not in ourselves. We think "they" must be special because they can do this and we can't. It's like Window Shopping, looking at something through a glass window that you want but don't have for yourself.

There they are. on the other side of the glass, beckoning us to come in, and here we are, stuck on the outside. That Stupid Glass Wall is in our way. So why don't we get it? Why are we still in the dark? Because we choose to be.Did that comment "sting" a little bit.

Well I hope it did because it is absolutely accurate. We are where we are because we chose to be there. It was Our decisions that brought us to this particular point in our life. And, quite frankly, for many people, that reality is something they cannot accept.

They think that the world has put them there, or their life is controlled by circumstances outside themselves. As long as they believe that they will continue to be what they are and where they are now. Personally I don't want to be the same person tomorrow, I want to be a better person. I don't want to be in the same place forever.

and I won't be. I stepped through the glass. I came in out of the dark. I embraced "Pre-creation" with a vengeance.Now telling you that doesn't help "you" one single bit does it? Hang in there.The concept is simple.

The application of it is not. It takes effort on your part to pull this off. I have no doubt that I just lost 80% of the readers right now with that statement. If you are not willing to follow the steps in the references below faithfully, then close this article now, grab a beer, go turn on the TV, and accept that you will be in the same place a year from now with nothing changed. Your life will continue to be a "re-run" of what it has been in the past.For the remaining 20%, read on.

Simple doesn't mean easy. I say that, especially in reference to this article, because learning how to do something different from the way we were taught to do it is one of the hardest things one will ever accomplish. But.

you can do it if you really want to badly enough. To "pre-create" seems like a ridiculous concept at first glance but we do it all the time. We just don't realize we are doing it. If you cook, you envision how the meal will be at serving time well before you assemble the ingredients. If you build, you see in your mind what the project will look like before you collect the materials. These are obvious to even the uninitiated.

All we need to do is apply the same principles, those for cooking a delicious meal or building a beautiful piece of furniture, to the other areas of our life. Most of us actually think more about how to create a meal or build a dog house than how to create a life. That is amazing but true.

What does that mean. Well, there are certain steps that must be followed in order to create a meal or piece of furniture that is going to be what you want. Furthermore, there are components of those steps that must be adhered to in order to duplicate that meal or piece of furniture more than once. In plain talk, a cook has recipes and a carpenter has plans. As long as the "recipe" or the "plans" are followed faithfully the end result is successful.

Let's take a look at the process of creating a meal. What are the components of the total process.

2. Recipe
3. Ingredients
4. Presentation

Eaters (yes, you must have this component)."Facilities" may be simply a "Crock Pot" and a few utensils or a fully stocked commercial kitchen. It depends on the nature of the recipe. The cook needs to assemble all the necessary utensils before beginning the process of preparing the meal. If an item is missing that is critical to the process the meal may not come out like the "recipe" indicates."Recipe" is the steps to follow in a specific order.

Those steps must be followed it "that" order for the meal to be successful. Any deviation will result in the meal either tasting different, looking different, or both. In other words, the desired result will not be realized.

"Ingredients" are the things that are necessary to build the total "meal" as described in the recipe. These are the actual components of this process that will be consumed, or appreciated by the persons enjoying the meal. "Presentation" is the manner in which the meal is set before the people. This is an important aspect of any meal and it also requires certain "utensils" available to the cook."Eaters" are the people that will enjoy the meal.

They also are going to pass judgment on the meal. The cook would have no way of knowing whether the whole process was done correctly unless he or she had some sort of "feedback" on the meal. Without feedback there is no way to know whether the meal was successful or not.Now let's apply that to "life." Let's identify the elements of the process.

So where did the term "Pre-Create" catch my eye? On the Website called I Create Reality.In order to have the "life" we want we have to "Pre-Create" it. In other words we have to think it before we can do it. Just like the cook making a meal, the "thinking" must be coupled with certain "actions" to realize final goal.1. We already have the Facilities to accomplish what we need to.

It is our Brain and our Heart. Yeah, I know, what has our Heart have to do with this process. Our Brain creates our Thoughts, our Heart holds our Desires and is the source or our Passion.

I know that the "Eastern" Religions refer to the "Solar Plexus" as being the seat of one half of this "Dual" power in humans but for all practical purposes we as "westerners" accept the term "Heart" more easily than "Solar Plexus" so I use that term.We need to be aware of both to bring this off. If the Brain is saying one thing to us and our Heart is saying something else then that conflict either inhibits or stops our process. Just as a "Homemaker" prepares a meal with "Heart" (with love and desire to please his or her family) and "Brain" (understanding and following the steps of the recipe) we need to create our life with Heart and Brain.I know we all have had experiences with successful people that seem to have Brain but no Heart. Believe me, they have Heart, they accessed their "Desires" through their "own" Heart.

Their concept of Heart (their Passions) just doesn't seem to include consideration for other people on this planet from our perspective.One of the interesting things about this whole process is that as you apply it, your "Desires" may change because your perspective of what is important in your life may (probably will) change. That is, what I think, the most Powerful aspect of this endeavor. The ability to "change" has to be the greatest ability ever given to the Human Race.

You and I were given that ability.2. The Recipe is the step-by-step process that we follow to reach our destination. Our destination may be enjoying the smiling faces of the folks that just enjoyed our delicious meal or feeling the warmth associated with the (spoken or unspoken) gratitude of those with full bellies.In life we need to have a Recipe too. If we want to have a new car, get a better job, find a soul mate, or even simply get rid of a bad habit then we need to have a plan.

For me today it is writing a complete sentence without misspelling a single word. We need to identify what steps are necessary to reach that destination and then follow those steps without fail until we get there. Identifying those steps is easier if we look at someone whom has reached that destination before.We can follow "their" plan. like building a house. Of course you can build the exact same house if you want or you can change the plan but you want to be cautious that.

Keep in mind that even if you use the exact plan you can paint the house any color you want to, put on any type of roof shingles, and furnish it the way You want.The point is, the plan can still be adjusted to fit your "Desires" and still be the original plan. Remember, in planning our "life" we want to follow a "plan" that we know works.So, the Recipe is the Plan. Plans have a description (a visual picture) of the end product (goal), a reference to the building process (implied in the sense you have to build the foundation before you can erect the walls), and a definition of the materials used in the construction.

In our "life" plan we will need our "Goal", the "Steps" to take, and the "Materials" required. The first two of those is easy enough to get. The "Materials" may be more nebulous though.

Depending on what your Goal is you may need to acquire some Books or Reference Materials to read or listen to. Obviously you need to acquire a Plan but you may need some other items as well.3. The Ingredients are (A) The Plan, (B) your Brain, (C) your Heart, (D) Books or Tapes {possibly}, (E) a physical Location {Den, Bedroom, Bathroom, or in really busy homes the Garage or Public Library), (F) Pen and paper {keep a journal. this will be how you monitor your progress}, and anything else that may be peculiar to your Goal.

Those are pretty straightforward. Some of them we were born with. Others are readily available to us. Plans can be gotten from the Public Library and from the links on my website. I have links to various authors because all of them (the Authors) have "Plans" that work but each author has his or her own way of presenting things. Find one that seems to be right for you.

I am of the belief that there is more than one "right" way to do any thing. 4. The Presentation is going to be what You set before yourself in this journey. Eventually the whole world will see it but in the beginning all your are to be concerned about is "presenting" it to yourself in a way that works for you.

You are changing "You", not the world outside. The world will follow. I don't mean that the whole world will change, I mean that the changes in you will be acknowledged by the world. That is why you will want to have a place where you can be away from distractions when you first begin this.

You will want to present these concepts and do the steps without any "outside" determent. In other words get away from those that say "you can't" during the early stages of this endeavor. Later into it you will be able to laugh at their comments because you will have Already Done what they said you couldn't.In some instances the Presentation may, in fact, involve the people around you right from the start.

If your first Goal is to be a Nicer Person to your Co-workers (just an example) then it seems obvious that you will have to Present to "them" this new (you) person consistently.I am going to make a comment here that may seem in contradiction to what many "authors" teach. The term "Fake It 'til You Make It" doesn't work. UNLESS. you have your Heart in it. If your Goal is to be a nicer person to your Co-workers but you have no Desire in your Heart to do so then it is not going to last if it works at all.

And THAT folks is a Fact.5. The Eater of the fruits is YOU. Admittedly those around you will enjoy the changes (hopefully your purpose is to create a Good and more Prosperous Life and not something like be mentioned by Robert Stack on America's Most Wanted) but the real recipient of this particular "meal" is YOU. You are the one that will enjoy the benefits most.We all like to think we are something we aren't on occasion.

We put up this facade for the world to see but inside WE know the truth. If you have followed me this far you know that I know it doesn't have to stay that way. You CAN become that which you truly desire to become.

I did it and so can you.So, grab a "Recipe" for Your life change and start "cooking." Enjoy, Layard http://freewebs.com/gstream.

.I am a retired Adult Education Instructor and have a few articles posted at http://freewebs.com/gstream as well as a new Blog at http://blogs.cjb.


By: Layard Dunnett

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