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Tips For First Dates

The infamous first date is the deal ?breaker or ?maker in relationships. Where to go, what to do, and when to do it are all vital things that one must consider when going on any date, especially a first one. As in all things, one must put his/her best foot forward on a first date?one must make a good first impression.

For the guys: I suggest you set the tone for the potential relationship. Set the plans for the date, pick up the tab for everything, and most of all show her a good time. Always be a gentleman to her and treat her with respect.For the girls: Give him a chance. If you're really interested in him, I wouldn't go 'all the way' on the first date. Make him respect you, and crave you.

Don't reveal too much about yourself and maintain an air of mystery.As for the location of a first date, I suggest going to a place where both of you will have a good time. Contrary to most traditional first dates, I do not recommend going out to the movies. This approach is too cliché and will not give you a chance to bond with your date.

Do something active and engage the both of you (your date will remember you more if you do something out of the ordinary). Adrenaline has been shown to be connected to emotions, so doing something active will have a great impact on either party.Time is also a big factor. There have been several studies which show females are more alert and receptive during the daytime. So, if at all possible schedule dates during the daytime/late afternoon.In closing, be original on your first date.

Remember, you only have once chance to give a good first impression.

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By: Kris Lazaro

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