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I Do Not Do Assumeees

Are you an assume-ee? What in the world is an assume-ee you ask? Well it is someone who has limited knowledge, experience and observation who goes around commenting on and making assumptions of every aspect of life and society, irregardless of industry, sector or endeavor. Someone who has an opinion about everything with knowledge of no thing or so limited in one, two, maybe three areas of knowledge that they have no business even making an opinion about anything?.So now you know what an "Assumee" is and it is not someone who is looking to be litigated against by a lawyer. Now then we have all heard that "Assume" is an acronym for making an "a-s-s" out of "U" and "Me" and so at this point, I would like you assume-ees of the world to sit over there, shut your trap and listen to those who do have extensive knowledge, experience and observations, as you just might learn something.

When I say that I do not do Assumees, I mean I do not go around making assumptions without some observational reference, as knowledge and thought based on assumptions without reference is not learning, reasoning or thinking, but rather sending your mind out on a tangent which generally leads no where. And in the event one who is of ignorance stumbles upon something, which is brilliant in their quintessential dumb luck, I say to thee; there was another way to get there. It is called thinking, perhaps you might try that some time, you silly assume-ee!.

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By: Lance Winslow

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