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Goal Setting Anxiety Panic Disorder

Are you a smart person?.Some of you maybe thinking "I can't be" after all ? I suffer with this yucky horrible anxiety and panic attacks each day of my life.However I can assure you that you are of high intelligence.

It was your ability to over think/over analyze and place so much effort into your anxiety and panic attacks that it became a disorder.It's your every thought of something that makes you feel anxious or panicky that swings to your next "attack".If you were anything like me ? I used to inspect my body for any little changes ? and any little changes must mean it's CANCER or some other terrible disease I managed to Google last night when I was feeling nauseous, shaky and short of breath.

By the way? it's incredible the amount of horrible diseases you can find for just a few short symptoms typed into your Google browser!.BUT what if you used this energy and time that you give your anxiety and panic disorder and placed the focus on a positive goal you want to achieve?.Say for example ? you want to earn an extra $5,000 this year ? whether it's for a family holiday or one of them big beefy television sets!!! OR to start a new course, get a degree ? whatever it is that your heart truly desires.Now ? you think about this goal EVERY single DAY! You're constantly working towards "how you can achieve this".What do you think will happen?.

I can tell you what will happen ? you will gravitate towards your goal. You will *think* less about your anxiety and panic attacks and you will begin to see results! Results that you want!.If you have successfully managed to make your life a living hell with anxiety and panic disorder ? (because believe me, I know how much energy you put into keeping it alive) ? just imagine how successful you could be if you placed this same amount of energy into achieving your goals! Achieving the things you truly desire and want!.

It's only a matter of time before it becomes a habit ? so why not make a habit out of achieving your dreams and desires.

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By: Joanne King

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Goal Setting Anxiety Panic Disorder - Are you a smart person?.