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What Makes You Lovable SelfAppreciation Increases Confidence for Dating

Do you feel lovable? If that feeling isn't something familiar, it's time to take your "Lovability Inventory." This is a great exercise to reconnect with what makes you unique and to fully appreciate everything you have to offer. The truth is that everyone has many lovable qualities, but you don't always remember them!.Here's how to create your Lovability Inventory. Take a sheet of paper and draw a vertical line down the center, creating two columns.

Write "My Lovable Qualities" on top the left column and on the right side put "Why this matters to my date." Think about your lovable qualities listing them down the left side. Here are a few thought starters: I'm sweet; I have a great laugh; I'm a good listener; I'm easy to get along with; I'm a great cook; I'm sexy; I have a warm smile, etc. Then, in the right hand column, write the reason each quality is important to you and your potential mate.Your inventory should include two different levels of characteristics.

The first concerns initial attraction. What will someone notice about your from a across the room? The second area includes your personality. Together, this list explains why you are a great catch for the opposite sex.

Stretch yourself to explore all of your good points. If you get stuck, ask a close friend or family member for suggestions. After completing your inventory, read through the list again, close your eyes and allow yourself to appreciate all that you have to offer. Take a couple of deep breaths to let it sink in fully. Treasure everything that makes you unique and wonderful. Let your heart expand and fill with love and recognition for yourself.

Connecting with self-love is an incredibly powerful method for opening your heart and life to new levels of loving energy.Lastly, if you encounter rejection, (and if you're in the dating game, you will) referring back to this list can lift your spirits and remind you that you are a great catch. Just because one person didn't pick up your option, doesn't devalue all the wonderful qualities that make you special. Use your inventory to bolster your confidence and get back out there to find the love you want and deserve!.

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By: Ronnie Ann Ryan

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