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What is Real

Some things are not what they seem to be. Evil promises pleasure without consequences, but in reality it is a deadly trap of Satan. It is an artificial substitute for what life is about.

This article may be published if the resource box is left intact.Christians must come to a realization of what is real and what is not. In our childhood we remember stories about fire breathing dragons, and people who waved magic wands, said magic words, and changed pumpkins into carriages, and mice into horses. We were told that magic is not real. People or things cannot be changed into something different by talking.

We remember the story of how an old man created a puppet and it came to life. When we study the Bible, we discover that really happened, only the creator was God, but he did not create a puppet, he created a man. What mankind considers magic is routine operation for God. What he accomplishes is not deception through optical illusions, but real.There are other magic things in the Bible.

Take the first chapter of Genesis for instance: God said "Let there be light," and there was light ( v. 3). "Let the water under the sky be gathered into one place ( V. 9)." "Let the land produce vegetation, seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds," and it was so (V.

11). In fact the Bible is full of instances where the spoken word caused all sorts of things to happen.Joshua 10:12-14.

The sun stood still.Matthew 21:18-21 A fig tree withered.Mark 4:39 A storm was calmed.John 11:43 A dead man came from the grave.Acts 5:5-10 Two people fell down dead.

These are just a few instances that come to mind. All this recalls the principle that we were taught as children. Some things we thought of as magic really exist?at least with God they do. The Almighty can change things by talking and we can too, if we talk enough about God to sinners.

What is real? Is it possible to be mistaken about what is real and what is not?.According to Webster real means Of, relating to, or constituting fixed, permanent or immovable things (as lands, houses, or fixtures). If it is real, it is not artificial, fraudulent, illusory, or apparent, it is fundamental, essential.

The things in the world seem real, but some are illusory, apparent?they are artificial substitutes for what life is about?like the deceiving tricks of magicians. The pleasures of sin appear harmless, but in reality they are deadly traps of Satan that lead to destruction.We are attracted to the things of this world, but the Bible reminds us they will not last. What is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal (2 CO 4:18). Whatever survives when this world is destroyed is truly real.

We must not put our trust in physical things.The real, full, abundant life, is what faithful Christians enjoy. Not only do we look forward to a life in heaven, we are assured that everything will be worked out for good.

The peace that is beyond understanding is ours.What part of mankind constitutes the real person? Is it the face that stares back from the mirror? Physical appearance is the visible part, but it does not show what someone is really like. That relates to a person's self image, personality, morals, faith, courage, in other words those things you can't see with the eyes.What we read of in the Bible is true reality.

Sinful things are an imitation of a real life and reality. They can bring satisfaction only momentarily. Those caught up in them are in a dream world that will eventually crumble around them.Righteous living is the real thing because it brings true happiness in this life and eternal bliss in the next world. We must fight with all our being the imitation of life that Satan is promoting.

Our eternal destiny depends on it.

.This article was written by the author of, "Climbing the Heavenly Stairs.

" Learn what the real life is from the one that created everything. Discover how to spot the traps the devil has set for you. Get acquainted with the members of the Godhead to develop an unshakable faith. Go on to maturity and live life to the full.

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By: Lynn Bradley

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