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What Inhibits Our Learning

Our behavior is a composite of two controversial desires, the desire to be rewarded and the desire to eliminate punishment. To acquire information on must have a stimulus and a possibility. Leaning, you get new habits and new ways.

This process can be speeded up by creating circumstances that will stimulate you to reach success. Be sure to do trifles that will make you learn more. Make a situation a stimulus itself.

We are learning when this knowledge is desired. To be capable to process information your brains have to be prepared. Push away all the distractions and focus on direct task. Forget about volumes of information, only the quality is important when it comes to knowledge.

Pick out a piece of information, eliminate irrelevant part, process it and go over when you are finished.When learning we seek facts that will support our life convictions. We are ready to embrace only facts that will help us prove our opinions.

We deepen our understanding and determining priorities at the same time. Our task is to search and discover unknown. There are several stages one has to go through to get to the truth, so-called barriers. The first one and one of the most dangerous is laziness. You will not even attempt to do anything being lazy. After this barrier is behind, there is the next obstacle and that is fear.

This one is more complicated and hard to overcome. Seeing a multitude of tasks and problems you are getting lost and locked inside your mind, staying lifeless on the outside, fear is no reason to stop being human and turn into a plant. Get involved into a process and forget about everything. The process will kill the fear and get you more self-confidence and strength to finish.

There is no perfect human being and no one is secured from mistakes. A person that has never made mistakes in his life will never succeed because there is nothing to learn from. Dead load in the form of fear will never let you move forward.

Do not ever be afraid to be mistaken and you will be ranted success.Another obstacle that is the most hard to overcome is self-assurance. You can not know everything and have no space for more.

It is impossible to be all knowing in the spheres you have never worked or studied. The world is multidimensional, so rich in mysteries and puzzles that one can be amazed, seeing how litter the finest scholar knows. Wisdom comes from sensing, feeling, smelling, seeing embracing and trusting.

No human can actually estimate the power of knowledge because it is impossible. Plain facts leave no room for possibilities and theories give space for more research and desire to go around the globe to find the truth. It is under your feet, but maybe it is worth circling the Earth to find this out and realize what you are capable of.

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By: Carol Miller

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