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Top Beliefs of Great Ladies Men

What does it take to duplicate success?.There are 3 things involved in duplicating success.* Beliefs
* Mental states
* mental strategies.If you duplicate these the way somebody you wish to be like you'll have the same type of results.This can be a difficult task for some because they can not duplicate their experience.

I believe that you can. Two people can have the exact same experience and produce entirely different results.Why is this?.It's not the experience that is important but how somebody filters that experience and through these filters remembers it.

How the experts filter their experiences is the key to duplicating success. You can duplicate almost anybody's success in almost anything , picking up women, athletic ability, running a business etc.Most of the experts aren't fully aware of what they do. You conscious mind (which is what you are aware in the present tense) is usually concerned with what you can not do well.Your unconscious mind is which is everything else in your mind. is in control of everything you do well.

A great example is think about learning to drive. At first you had to put ALL your concentration on it. Remember getting behind that wheel with somebody else as they turned pale white from fear??.Now if you've been driving for a few months/years.you can listen to the radio, talk on your cellphone, eat some fast food in your lap and it won't do much to your driving ability because it's unconscious.When I talked about the experts not usually fully aware think about the car example above.

Now imagine if you had no muscle/kinesthetic feedback while driving. (that pull of your arm while turning the wheel) or something. but only visual. It could be done.

but would take another few times to get used to that.Now Beliefs are the main factors of how we filter info.They are the Matrix.

How we percieve reality.What you get out of life is heavily dependant on what your unconscious beliefs are.Think about the top snipers in the military.They might have some beliefs like.* Shooting well is important for survival
* Hunting is fun
* Mental rehearsal is important to successful performance
* If I don't hit my target, it has to do with my performance.

Now take the new recruits in the military who are kinda afraid of guns.They could have some beliefs like.* Guns are evil; they kill people
* THis gun is loud when I shoot it and I can lose my hearing
* If I miss my target my gun is misaligned.Now think just on beliefs alone why the top shooters were better than the new recruits.Let's talk about some of the beliefs of top seducers.* It's not about being rude to other people, it's about being nice to yourself
* The strongest frame always wins
* It's my world I can do whatever I want
* It's my way, my way or the highway
* Personal space doesn't exist
* Women want men by default
* I am attractive
* I am skilled at seduction
* Always be comfortable in things that you do
* Everything is an indication of interest
* Your limitations are just your beliefs
* Women are friendly
* Nobody is watching me do this pickup
* Women LOVE sex
* women are fun
* I am HER type
* I will make her day by talking with her
* I have all the seduction tools/techniques and beliefs I need
* It's easy to connect with others.

Now think about some of the beliefs I've been pointing out to others on this board.How many of the above do you find yourself arguing with?.Think about it.Think about a workshop/ ebook /message board or anywhere you've gotten information where you learned about seduction. Did the teacher teach you his beliefs?.

Some of their "techniques" might have been taught due to his belief system.(and they might not have been either) But he probably didn't teach his most important beliefs.In addition you probably rejected a few beliefs--the ones that crashed with yours. Yet without sharing the beliefs of the person you wish to have the same success as you will never be able to get the same results.

.Robert Torrey is one of the dating instructors for Attract and Date.

Get a free video of students approaching women, and a free MP3 for destroying fears by subscribing to Attract and Date's newsletter. http://www.attractanddate.


By: Robert Torrey

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