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Tips for Remembering Names

Is remembering names a challenge for you? It sure is for me. Sometimes I feel incredible embarrassment when I have forgotten the name of a person who was introduced to me 30 seconds ago. If you suffer from "can't remember names syndrome," consider the following tips.1. Give your full attention to the introduction. Don't get caught shaking the hand of a new acquaintance with one eye on someone else in the room.

Give the person you're meeting your full attention. Make the person feel important by making the introduction important to you.2. Listen carefully and repeat the name immediately and then a time or two more in the first 60 seconds following the introduction. Verbal repetition helps reinforce a new name in your memory, and gives you the opportunity to rehearse or double-check difficult pronunciations.

3. Think of someone with the same name: A relative, friend, coworker, etc. Associate this person with your new acquaintance.4. Form an immediate association with the name and the person's outstanding feature or trait.

Whether it's flattering or not, the first association you make with a person is the best tool you can use for remembering the name. Hair color, tone of voice, style of clothing or even height are all effective associations.5. As the conversation continues, continue to occasionally use the person's name.

This will test your memory and establish closer ties with an individual. "I couldn't agree with you more, Joe," or "You know, Sue, I heard a funny story about that" are both examples of individualized conversation that sounds friendly and not forced.6.

If you forget a name or didn't hear it the first time, don't fake it?ask by saying something like, "I'm sorry, but please tell me your name again." Most people would prefer to repeat their names rather than correct a wrong guess. Politely asking for a reminder may be awkward, but it will be appreciated. If the name is particularly difficult to retain or pronounce, ask for a spelling.

7. Don't make excuses. No one wants to hear "I'm terrible with names" or "I meet so many people in a day.

" Excuses like these can make even the most important person feel insignificant in your eyes.8. If you're speaking to someone new over the telephone, jot down the name on a piece of paper to make sure you don't forget the name.9.

When your conversation ends, whether on the telephone or in person, also make a note of the person's name and organization and jot down enough information about the individual to jog your memory later when you get back to your office or to your home.Full attention during new introductions is the key to keeping names from slipping your mind. Take the time to fully focus on anyone you're about to meet. The time to recognize an important contact is before you forget the name, not afterwards!.

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By: Bill Lee

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