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Russians Hold Short on UN Economic Sanction of Iran Lance Rants

Well economic sanctions of Iran for their nuclear and Atomic Bomb making programs is meeting resistance and reluctance at the United Nations. China is saying nothing. Meanwhile Iran continues to fund International Terrorist Groups.The Russians do not want to economically sanction Iran or in any way prevent Iran from purchasing goods for its government or citizens.

Of course they don't, Iran is a big customer of High-tech weapons, anti-aircraft batteries, mobile missile launchers and you are not suppose to know this but Nuclear Warheads too. But we are to believe those warheads are really being developed by Iran's Atomic Weapons manufacturing. China does not really care, as it is buying Israeli weapons, enjoys US trade deficit and figures it will sell weapons to Iran until it glows?.Silly humans, you cannot enforce what is right when World corruption is running ramped and you have a nation state like Iran which is run by a fundamentalist, radical regime and sponsors international terrorist organizations? If the UN will not come to terms with this, one has to wonder whose team everyone is on? Or are they all acting in only their current short-term interests regardless of the price to humanity or human death as everyone marches into WWIII. And don't argue with me you ignorant liberals. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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