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Pentagon Says US Military Death Toll for Iraq Now at

United States military has now stated that the death toll for Iraq has reached 2500 people which is about the average number of people are killed on American highways during any three-day weekend.It is important to put everything into perspective when discussing the number of US military deaths in Iraq and understand that although we cannot know all possible futures that there is a very good chance that our involvement in Iraq has prevented World War Three. In other words had Saddam continued and the Iranians continued to develop weapons and this high pace we very easily could have had WW III.Preventing World War III and having 100's of millions of people killed may well have been worth the sacrifice of these 2500 brave soldiers and it is time that we understand that great goals and efforts amongst mankind does indeed come with sacrifice.

We should be honoring these 2500 soldiers rather than using their deaths as political ammunition to attack ourselves.It is amazing how facts and figures get thrown around in our media and how some politicians use these numbers to propel political careers. What is a shame is that we indeed listen to these folks at all as they condemn the very reason that our Nation today is so strong. I hope you will consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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