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Our Two Minds

We all have two minds the conscious and the subconscious one. Our conscious mind uses logic and reason to reach a conclusion or make a decision. What ever you want to do in life and the choices you make are determined by the conscious mind not by your subconscious mind.If you can learn how to use your subconscious mind in a positive way you will find that the choices and decisions you make with your conscious mind will also be guided and influenced in a positive way.Your subconscious mind does not think and act on its own intuition. The subconscious will seek out what ever goals the conscious mind supplies to it.

If you can learn how to use you can learn how to program your subconscious mind in a positive way you conscious mind will also respond in a positive way.If you never supply you subconscious mind with any goals to reach or problems to solve it will never work for you but if you supply you subconscious mind with clear goals to that you want to achieve such as obtaining an expensive car, a nice big house, or a better job it will seek out these goals automatically.The subconscious mind is like a man make computer but only far more superior and complex than anything conceived by man. As one scientist said, "the subconscious mind works like a computer, but there is no computer like the subconscious mind.

" And there is no time in the foreseeable future where man will be able to build a machine as vast and complex as the subconscious mind.Even if a computer could be built that could match the power and complexity of the subconscious mind it would still need a human beings conscious mind to operate it and a computer made by man does not have a built in conscious mind to contro its actions as the subconscious mind has.So we know that the subconscious mind is a complex and powerful machine but just knowing this fact is not enough to make it all work. How do we program it to seek out the things we want out of life such as, that expensive car, the big house, or that better job.It all comes down to that inner voice that tells us we can't have what we want. We have been programmed as children not to do this or don't do that.

The training we received as children was appropriate at that time but is no longer productive for adults. The rules of an independent productive adult are not the same rules of a dependant limited child. We no longer believe in Santa Claus but we still believe that being uncomfortable is reason enough not to try something new.So start out today by changing the outdated programming that you received as a child and start living your dreams. If you would like to learn more about how to program your subconscious to get rid of all those self limiting thoughts and replace them with a more positive and productive mindset find out more by ordering the free report called "The Manifesting Mindset" by clicking on the link below.

Wishing you happiness!.

.Meda Robinson


By: Meda Robinson

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