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Lance Rants on Slander Directed at the USA Over Iran and Atomic Bombs in the Hands of Terrorists

It is quite bizarre those who attack and verbally slander the United States of America and some how seem to justify Iran making Atomic Bombs, seeing as they are a Nation State, which sponsors International Terrorism. For those to criticize the US over Iran, they are simply misguided and full of BS. The USA is not perfect in every possible regard; I have no blinders on I see all.

But since I do live in the Greatest Nation in the history of the human species well lets just say I would like to keep it united not divided. It is not a perfect world. Indeed.However in saying that, I sure as hell do not support the President of Iran over my President or nation. I do not support radical Islamic fundamentalist international terrorism.

I do not support a nation buying ICBM missile platforms and having daily break thrus in nuclear weapons capability to put them on top. I do not support a nation state, which sponsors insurgents to try to kill my Brother in Iraq right now. I do not support Joe Biden, attempting to put personal career politics over the nations need to strong negotiation prior to war to prevent it and prevent a political impasse.Let's please get one thing straight; Liberal or Conservative; no one should be supporting a Nation State, which sponsors International Terrorism and is making Atomic Bombs in the present period.

It is simply insane to think like that. No honest man with integrity can side with International Terrorists. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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