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Immigration Issues Economic Issues and What Was News in

The United States of America's government and the American populace seems to have a very short memory. We often repeat the mistakes we've made not less than a decade ago in our civilization. But, why do we do this? It seems rather odd and highly unfortunate that the greatest nation in the history of mankind; the United States of America cannot seem to get their political act together.Let me read you an excerpt taken out of a 1999 speech I gave at a community college economics class to some hopeful future students who were dead set on going on to a 4-year MBA program at the near by University. You see I believe the subject is appropriate because currently we see many of the same signals and economic triggers;."Then there are refugees, which we probably have a responsibility too since we cause most of the wars in the World or our foreign policy does anyway.

Family based migration where one family member is already a citizen and they bring in the rest of the family is at about 460,000 per year now. The Silicon Valley crowd is happy because they can pay Chinese or Indian programmers less than half of what a regular middle aged American can command in salary. Are we na´ve enough to think that we will be living in la la land of economic expansion forever, especially as our main US asset knowledge is leaving us with the same vigor and pace as the communication systems are delivering it to our own US companies, which are actually in many other countries with quasi HQs around the globe?".

As you can see this one-minute excerpt from economics speech that I gave in 1999 looks rather familiar doesn't? You know having been in business for over 27 years and retiring at age 40 and now looking back at the whole thing, I must say sometimes you know I just laugh at the world. All the sound in fury and all of the political upheaval all over nothing, because nothing has changed; you see, to me you are all just a bunch of stupid humans running around with your pants on fire. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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