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Entire Government Shuts Down for a Day Weekend

It is amazing that an anonymous caller can call in a gun shot sound to the Capital Police and the entire government shuts down? Obviously on the day before a 3-Day weekend, someone wanted a 4-Day weekend? Must be nice that someone who works for our government and is to serve the people can call in a gun shot report and hang up the phone knowing they do not have to work that day?.So what happens; everyone panics, one person fainted and the government shuts down. This is such BS? Every time there is a hot topic that Congressmen or Senators does not wish to deal with there is some event, which happens? Every time there is a spending bill on International Terrorism there is some made up event.

It is amazing how ridiculous our government is and how wimpy they are? Our government is ineffectual, spend thrifts and basically worthless in every regard? They are a afraid of their own shadow. Was there really gun shots and if so; so what, it is our governments job to do business.They send people to war and are afraid of suspected gunfire? What kind of hypocrisy are we dealing with in this? Why can't we expect more from our government? Why can't we see them have a little strength of character out there? We deserve more and we need to demand that no wimps be allowed in our government. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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