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EcoWarrior and EcoTerrorist What is the Difference

Most all citizens are pro-environment and even most businesses are pro-environment, as indeed at the end of the day we all have to breath the air and be able to trust the water too you see? What is a 24/7 Eco-Warrior? Well recently someone had asked me if I in fact was a 24/7 eco-warrior, which kind of struck in that I am a retired entrepreneur and hobbyist online article writer who happens to find fun in running an online think tank.In my think tank we talk about all sorts of issues including amongst other things the environment, as it is a concern and should be to the over all human endeavors. Is one who very much cares about life on Earth a champion of the environment, well that depends really; as I have yet to find anyone who is anti-environment in their thinking, oh perhaps they are in their inconsiderate actions or their irresponsible exploits, yet I believe most humans who stop to think about it any would say they are pro-environment. Many might hold short on calling themselves an environmentalist. I do too.

And well as far as Eco-Warrior? That sounds too much like Eco-Terrorists, who I personally believe are appropriately named and should be hunted down and brought to justice or killed just like those who bombed the London "Tube" or the 9-11 "Twin Towers" in NYC. You can be pro-environment and champion smart environmental programs without going over board in hypocrisy or supporting criminality. So, consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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