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Easy Practical and Quick Strategies to Quiet the Mind

One very powerful way of reaching the still, small voice of our soul is through the practice of mediation. Before you run off, meditation simply means familiarizing ourselves with our mind, with our thoughts and with our emotions. It is learning what happens between thoughts.

Meditation means taking the time to go within and experiencing your imagination and serene inner core. Many people turn to addictions (food, anorexia, bulimia, busyness, drugs, alcohol, etc) because they do not know how to achieve an internal state of calmness. While meditation alone isn't the magical solution to all of life's issues, it can be a powerful tool to reduce stress and hyperactivity, and decrease mental chatter.Meditation doesn't have to involve any detailed, complex practice.

It can be as simple as learning to stop, breathe, and center within yourself for a moment or two.Recall how you typically start off each morning, or how you end each day. Now imagine how your life would benefit if you allowed yourself a few moments of quiet.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you took a few moments to center and achieve relaxation, greater calmness, and useful insights? Meditative practice is a technique for connecting with your inner spirit. It allows stress reduction, relaxation, healing, problem solving, visualizing and imaging. Taking the time to create a few moments of stillness allows us to move past the eternal chatter of the mind and listen to our inner knowingness.Are You Your Thoughts?
Meditation helps us learn that thoughts are just thoughts.

They easily come and then they go. And we see that we can let them drift away without generating any drama around them. In meditation we can watch our thoughts passing by us like clouds on the sky. Teachers of mediation often describe this state as we are the sky, always present, and our thoughts are the clouds which simply float on past. The clouds may change, but the sky itself is ne*ver changing and always present. This is like our soul.

No matter what thoughts, feelings or emotions come, there is always a peaceful calm that is present within us. Mediation is one way of changing our relationship with the thoughts that typically drive us crazy, or drive us to overeat.When we first begin to meditate, our minds resist. We are used to a constant chatter in our minds.

Our minds jump from thought to thought like a crazed leap frog. As you continue to practice, you will notice that meditation is a simple effort that becomes easier the more it is practiced. The main effort is in creating a new habit to set aside a few minutes to sit.What? Me Meditate?
Many of us quickly dismiss the entire concept of meditation. We conjure up images of strange people sitting in cross-legged positions repeating "ohm" over and over again. Luckily, there are many options.

Listed below are some easy suggestions to help quiet the mind -- and they don't require much time or learning ability. Try one or more of these ideas if you either don't know how to begin, or if swear that you're just so busy that couldn't possibly create a moment of silence for yourself. Enjoy!.1. Sitting in Silence.

One method is to simply sit in silence every day for about 1 to 20 minutes. Sit quietly, take a deep breath, and simply ask, "What is it I need to know?" And then listen. Notice as your thoughts come and learn to let them go. Imagine placing these thoughts on clouds and letting the wind blow them across the sky.2. Sitting with a Problem.

Try this experiment. When something is deeply troubling you, just sit with it. Don't do anything. Learn to listen to the wisdom of your being. See if you can drop down from the thoughts circling with frenzy within your head.

Drop down into your body and see what lies there. Simply listen, be still and move into silence. Let the wisdom of your body find its own voice.

3. Deep Breathing.Lie on your back. Breathe evenly and gently, focusing your attention on the movement of your stomach. As you begin to breath in, allow your stomach to rise in order to bring air into the lower half of your lungs. As the upper halves of your lungs begin to fill with air, your chest begins to rise and your stomach begins to lower.

Don't tire yourself. Continue for 10 breaths. The exhalation will be longer than the inhalation.4. One Minute Mediation.Each morning, before leaving your house, find a minute to sit down.

You don't need a special position or reserved place. Just sit somewhere comfortable. Keeping your back straight, slowly take in one full breath. Imagine yourself filling up with energy that flows throughout your whole body.

At the end of your inhale, wait to exhale for about three seconds. Then exhale, releasing your breath slowly, imagining that you are releasing from your mind and body all that is negative or heavy. When you believe the exhale is complete, push a little more air out of your lungs.

Repeat for about one minute. Lastly, while you are resuming your normal breathing, remain still for about five more seconds.5.

Visual Meditation.If you want to relax and meditate, select a calming photograph. Sit back and relax. Breathe gently, slowly and calmly. Imagine you are there and that you are feeling good and calm. Allow your imagination to take you into a more and more relaxed state.

6. Basic Meditation.Meditators focus on three different kinds of things: a) Some people focus on a phrase -- for example, "I am peaceful." b) Some people focus on an object -- for example, a religious symbol or a candle. c) Some people focus on breathing.* Find a quiet place.

In the beginning, it is easier to meditate in a relatively quiet spot. This will help you "turn off" internal stimuli as well as external distraction.* Sit so that your spine, neck and the back of your head are in a straight line Sitting in a chair with feet on the floor is a good position.

You can also sit cross-legged on the floor or in a traditional lotus position.* Close your eyes. This is the best way to begin controlling your wandering mind.* Breathe naturally. Sit quietly for a minute or two and relax your body. You may focus on your breath, mantra or object.

A mantra is a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated to yourself. Some people think that the best mantras are sounds which have no clear meaning. A mantra is used as a way of displacing usual thoughts and moving awareness inward.* Allow thoughts and feelings to come and go with detachment.

Don't try to control them in any way. Just note them, and when you realize that you are not repeating the mantra, gently return to the mantra. Do not try to force yourself to think of the mantra to the exclusion of all other thoughts. You may experience a deep state of relaxation but it is OK if you don't.* Continue this for about 20 minutes.

* When done, take a couple of minutes to slowly return to normal awareness. Be gentle with yourself when opening your eyes or coming to stand after a meditation. Allow your body and mind to readjust.

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By: Annette Colby

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