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Chemical Rail Car Threat from International Terrorists

The Jihadists and International Terrorist are busy threatening our nation and the American People again. But the American People are steadfast in their resolve and want to kill the bad guys, so while they are trying to deal with a place to hide from our AC-130 "Gun Ships" you can be sure they are planning attacks on American Interests, our allies and our homeland too. Makes you really want to rethink this torture thing doesn't it?.Some have said that they want to take out a Chemical Plant in the US? Fat chance, as they are heavily guarded with massive sensors and surveillance too. Of course they might try to use rail cars with chemicals in them. One could think of many ways to use rail cars, but they would have to plan it just right.

Meaning; case the place, know of times of shipments of certain chemicals or substances and then derail it with a long drop from a bridge to insure erupting of tanker cars. And you know these little pinheads are thinking of such crap too.Chances are due to the knowledge of WMD from great world citizens like Saddam that they know all about the physics of dispersion too. Chances are they will look to do this during high winds and/or super heavy rains to get their full affect.

It would have to be just the right circumstances to get it to work and thus it would be a waiting game for them. And lucky for us if one thing was out of place, our first responder teams would shut down any major issue immediately, as they have trained for such things. The police would shoot on sight and waste them in the street, call the coroner and let the flies deal with them in a pool of blood.

The International Terrorists will get caught and killed as they try some BS manuerver, they think that they are smart and we Americans are dumb. Chances are they will die from an AC-130 Gun Ship or a Predator Drone, but if they do get a chance to try on one of our American Targets they will be caught and killed and be just another wasted life of the pitiful slime that they are.Too bad for them really and I must tell you about three years ago I felt bad for them for a brief period and then that ten seconds ended. You see most Americans have had enough of these International Terrorists.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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