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Attention All Atheists You Will Be Sorry When You Die and Find Out the Truth

Lately the Christian Right has indeed gotten a little more vocal on the online Blogs. It is kind of fun to read these threads as one atheist gets hammered, I mean slaughtered by 8-10 Christians. Well in this one forum thread John tells an atheist when you die you will be sorry and he said he felt sorry for the non-believer who only has a chance at happiness for maybe 65-70 years life expectancy.The atheist was having none of that logic, and said; "John; Life spans of modern day humans are changing rapidly and for this generation we are looking at 90 plus actually.

Many actuary charts and insurance companies are now going to take this into consideration. I am far from unhappy in life, retired 65 years old, perhaps a little bored looking for something fun as a new hobby, but you have pegged me all wrong.".

But then goes on to explain that one does not have to call Christians stupid, some are smart and some are not. Even schizophrenics are amongst the upper end of the IQ charts; so actually some really wacked Christians are borderline brilliant by neuro-scientific standards.So my experience with atheists have been different than yours; why do you suppose that is? Because you work so hard to try to convert them and you often fail and that upsets you and you call them belligerent, etc. Why wouldn't you say that such a comment is judgmental of your gentleman self? A touch of hypocrisy to sense here?.

It seems to me both sides need to lighten up and live and let live, because we are all Americans and we are all on the same team. So let's consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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