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Diversity Another Perspective - Some believe we are fast becoming a nation of control freaks who seem to mind everyone else's business.

Yoga for Men - All social categories and age groups can appreciate yoga as a relaxation method or even as a life style choice.

Are You Listening - For the past several years I have had the opportunity to volunteer at the ACC Basketball Tournament (women?s and men?s) when it is held locally.

Have a Health Problem Yoga Can Solve It Part - What was once ridiculed as a bizarre fad in health has been widely accepted as a way of life for many people.

Dating Success Tips for Men Over - Before I met my second husband online in 2004 at age 51, I was in the post-divorce dating world for 10 years.

Flirting The Importance Of Being Eli - I was sitting at Starbuck?s, writing some notes, sipping my non-latte, non-espresso, non-cappuccino, plain old regular, but perfectly serviceable coffee, when I noticed an attractive lady sitting in the comfortable chair across from me.

Tips for Remembering Names - Is remembering names a challenge for you? It sure is for me.

Signs That Your Date is a Potential Cheater - If you have ever been cheated on, chances are you are down with the signs of a potential cheater.

How to Spot Evil in Peoples Eyes - An ordinary camera and a good Reiki Therapist or Spiritual Healer may save you years of grief being trapped with the wrong person.

Trouble finding that last minute gift Here are some tips - It?s down to the last minute, crunch time.

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