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Energy Star
Promote and Use the ENERGY STAR ® Symbol

ENERGY STAR is more than just a symbol on a product. It encompasses a range of activities that have led to the development of industry-accepted energy-efficient technical specifications. By promoting and using the ENERGY STAR symbol, your organization will become part of a dynamic international initiative - one that encourages Canadians to save money and the environment by choosing the most energy-efficient products available in Canada.

How to Participate in Canada.

If your organization wishes to actively promote ENERGY STAR qualified products, you must sign an Administrative Arrangement. As well, in order to label a product with the ENERGY STAR symbol, the product must meet the ENERGY STAR technical specifications.

To participate, contact ENERGY STAR with your request via e-mail or by fax and one of our Account Managers will respond with further information and answer any questions that you may have. Once it has been established that your organization is eligible to use the ENERGY STAR symbol, a customized Administrative Arrangement and other supporting documentation will be sent directly to you.

Simply return the completed, signed, customized Arrangement to your Account Manager so that you may begin to use the symbol. This Arrangement may be cancelled by you at any time.

There is NO administrative fee to participate.

Sample documents

  • General Administrative Arrangement
  • Abridged Guidelines for Reproducing and Using the ENERGY STAR symbol in Canada
  • Label and Promotional Guidelines for ENERGY STAR Qualified Windows and Sliding Glass Doors in Canada
  • Technical Specifications for ENERGY STAR qualified products

If your organization wishes only to talk about ENERGY STAR or use the ENERGY STAR symbol in a published document, you must sign a Letter of Agreement.

Sample document

  • Letter of Agreement

In both cases, you must agree to follow the Guidelines for Reproducing the ENERGY STAR symbol. This ensures the correct use of both the name and the symbol and maintains the credibility of ENERGY STAR.

Why participate?

Joining this initiative may provide your organization with the following benefits:

  • increased market exposure by being part of a credible international endorsement initiative;
  • use of the internationally recognized ENERGY STAR symbol;
  • opportunities for joint marketing and promotional campaigns;
  • enhanced market presence through the ENERGY STAR Web site;
  • heightened public image by showing leadership in addressing environmental challenges such as climate change and air pollution;
  • access to training workshops, participant updates, survey data on consumer attitudes, case studies and ready-to-print marketing material; and
  • support for implementing an energy efficiency initiative in your own organization, thereby saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Who should participate?

Organizations that should participate include;

  • Manufacturers and Retailers of ENERGY STAR Qualified Products
  • All Levels of Government
  • Utilities and Energy Retailers
  • Trade Associations, Educators, and Environmental and Energy Efficiency Groups

Procurement Officials should be particularly interested in ENERGY STAR to reduce energy use in their organizations.

Organizations that are already participating in ENERGY STAR in the U.S. or other countries are encouraged to also participate in Canada.