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Karmic Yoga and Creation Spirituality Via Positiva A Place of Peace - In the type of creation spirituality advocated by Matthew Fox and Wisdom University, the Via Positiva, way of the positive, is the basic path for the human being.

Car Wash Drainage Slope and Gutters to Collect Rain Water and Dripping Run Off - Should all carwashes being built in the future be commissioned to collect all the water coming off the cars to be recycled and reused? Should all rain water coming onto the property, perhaps even adjoining properties be sent thru a similar system.

Yoga Supplies Find Out Why Yoga Supplies It All - Yoga is said to be the oldest practice of self-development known.

Supporting Illegal Immigration Is NOT Christian - There is a huge difference between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants.

Iran and the Nuclear Weapons Showdown Pandoras Box - If and when the United States of America lays down the letter of the law with the Iranian Regime to stop their nuclear weapons the showdown with Iran will escalate indeed.

My Story History Rascals Spiritual Life Series Article Five Introducing Earth Angel Janet - When I told my daughter, Heather, about my Earth Angel friend, Janet, she said, "Dad, that's crazy.

Is Humankind Up for the Global Warming and Climate Change Challenge - What can we do to protect our civilizations, our species and the forward progression of mankind from Climate Change and Global Warming? Who can solve this problem for us? Will government save us? Should we count on them to save us from Global Warm.

Attitudes The Hidden Interest Factor in Your KASH Box for Sustainable Change - Since the earliest origins of civilization, much has been written about attitudes and continues to be written about attitudes.

Relationship Will I Get Appreciation Also - Did I do everything wrong? Did I only destroy? Did I always trouble you? Did I never love you? Was I that bad? Then why did you fall in love with me? Who did all that you used to appreciate? Who was so good that you loved it all the time? Who was.

Kapalabhati A Breathing Exercise - Kapalabhati is a very important asana and it should be part of your daily practice.

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